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Thursday, October 27, 2011


I loved you, and you hurted me, I loved you with everything in me
And with your hands you lost me, and now you came back again

After hurting me and saddness, your tears are begging me
You hurting me made me hate you and I don't want you

I used to have a heart, When you owned it, In a second you forgot it
Theres no more love in my heart, after your harshness, yes I made my heart stronger

I used to have a heart, that loved life
I used to have a heart, now I don't

Crying wont change anything, everything between us is the past
Theres nothing between us, even if you cried blood next to me

If you care about me, forget me, Love and cheat again
Your love isnt for me anymore, what I have seen with you is enough

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