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aku bercerita apa yg ku rasai dan lihat sepanjang ku menghela nafas di atas muka bumi ALLAH ini semoga penghayatan ku ini terus di berkati amin..............

Monday, March 26, 2012


Touch of your hand, I would agree, and I will forget your away
How love is written, it divided my heart in 3 parts, a heart that loves you
a heart that melts for you, and a heart that is jealous!
Take me in your hands, take care of me, make me feel your presence
I don't the value of my eye, until my eyes see you
Promise that you will be by me, and promise me that you won't seperate
My soul, my eyes, my heart were made to love you!
If I don't stay by you, and on your shoulder I didnt sleep...
It means that I haven't lived my life, and I haven't been born in this world

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